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Inpatient drug rehab services in a medically supervised environment with addiction medicine physicians and nurses could help you live a life free of drugs.

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Move Past Addiction with Professional Help From Qualis Care

When you have an addiction, you may feel like your friends and family have moved on in life without you. Addiction can also affect your professional life, putting a halt to your dreams for a rewarding job or career. New Orleans Drug Rehab services for addiction to drugs could help you reestablish quality relationships with your family and allow you to work in a job that is meaningful to you. Let us help you live a drug- and alcohol-free life you’ve always dreamed of living.

Inpatient Services for Addiction

Addiction is a complex disease affecting every part of your body and mind, and inpatient services are designed to help you with every facet of your addiction. The initial assessment of your physical and mental health allows you to receive care that is specific to you. The detox process is performed in a medically supervised environment with nurses and doctors who are compassionate, respectful, and experienced in the area of addiction medicine. The New Orleans drug rehab centers process also includes intensive individual counseling to help get to the root of how your drug addiction got started.

Personalized Rehab Care

No two people are alike, and no two addictions are identical. The addiction medicine specialists, nurses, and counselors offer care that is individualized based on your needs. Each person is cared for in confidentiality and privacy, and no information is released without your permission. Women and men are housed separately for safety and privacy. From group counseling to personalized care, each person is treated as the individual that he or she is.

Who May Benefit from Inpatient Rehab Services?

Qualis Care offers inpatient rehab services for all adults who have an addiction. Anyone who is ready for help moving past his or her addiction is welcome. There are beds available for people with a variety of addictions, including opioid, alcohol, and others. As a part of the rehab services, people who need counseling for other mental health concerns can also receive counseling for those issues. The additional counseling could help to lessen the risk of relapse. These drug rehab services are designed to help you move past addiction so that you can get back to living a healthy and rewarding life.

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