Rehabs In Louisiana

Rehabs Louisiana

Rehabs in Louisiana facilities live up to the state’s focus on Southern hospitality with welcoming programs that support addiction recovery.

Making a Better Life for Those with Addictions in Louisiana


When one thinks of Louisiana, vivid images of Mardi Gras parades careening through New Orleans and feverish revelers are immediately conjured up, and this is for good reason. Indeed, few states are as famous for celebrating “the good life” as this one.


However, life is not so grand for those struggling with substance addictions, given all the temptations that exist alongside the local party life. In this kind of environment, it can be nearly impossible for someone dealing with substance use disorder to overcome the problem without professional assistance.


Emotional and psychological turmoil often contribute to addiction. For many addicts, the use of drugs and/or alcohol provides them with a means of dealing with the stresses of everyday existence. Once drugs or alcohol have taken hold, it can be very difficult to stop using. Fortunately for Louisianans in need of help for their substance use, the state is home to excellent rehabilitation centers that provide long-term care for those who seek to understand their addiction.

Rehabs in Louisiana Provide Proven Recovery MethodsIf you are a resident of Louisiana and need help with a drug or alcohol problem, there are highly regarded inpatient rehab programs available to you. As one of these excellent options, Qualis Care is committed to your drug recovery. Since our inception, we have helped many people successfully adjust to sober living by providing life skills programs designed to promote self-sufficiency without the use of drugs or alcohol. Beyond treatment programs focused on cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, and individual and group counseling, a number of rehabs in Louisiana offer halfway house programs to help individuals transition back into society.


A Foundation for Recovery

The goal of treatment at centers such as Qualis Care is to help clients maintain long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol. By using individualized treatment, education, and proven tools that promote recovery, facilities like ours help patients learn to understand what’s behind their addictions and what they can do to overcome them.


As far as we’re concerned, when you decide to trust Qualis Care, you are not just a face to us, you are part of a family. Let us help you live the drug- and alcohol-free life you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us for help today.

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