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With the improvement in technology, it has become a must that all businesses must have an advertising campaign to improve their sales and their position in the market. Hence the company costume jewelry necklaces implemented direct email marketing to inform customers about the goods they sell and saw a 37% increase in sales. Email direct marketing is preferred by most business owners, when compared to sending mails and pamphlets to their customers, mainly because of the many advantages email direct marketing brings to the table when compared to the traditional methods of marketing.

There are many advantages of using email direct marketing, when compared to the older methods of marketing. One of the most important features of email direct marketing is that, it allows the businessmen to see the amount of people who have replied to the email sent to them in real time. Therefore the businessmen could see the effectiveness of their advertising campaign instantaneously and make necessary adjustments to the emails to make the most of their marketing strategy. The effectiveness of the campaign can be measured by dividing the total number of replies received to the emails by the total amount of emails sent.

Another major advantage of using email direct marketing is that it does not use paper. Whereas advertising done using pamphlets, newsletters and brochures is all made using paper which causes environmental pollution and a large number of trees are cut to make this paper. Therefore email direct marketing saves a lot of paper, thus is environmentally friendly.

Emails used in email direct marketing can have links, which links the business web site to the mail.  If the viewer needs to know more information about the products on the mail, he could easily click on the link for example Costume Jewelry Necklaces given on the email and find more information specially about the different styles of the products and other information such as the shipping costs.

However there are also many disadvantage of using email direct marketing as well. One major disadvantage of using emails for marketing is that, since email direct marketing is an easy and cheap methods of advertising oneís goods, most companies tend to use this tactic to reach out to their customers. Therefore, most mails received using email direct marketing goes to the junk folder in oneís email account, therefore most of the time remains unviewed until deleted when the junk mail is full.

To create and handle the emails of a company which uses email direct marketing needs a person who has a substantial knowledge of graphic designing and programming. Therefore the company needs to hire personnel with the above mentioned requirements and this can be costly. As in most cases the person or the group of people in charge of the email direct marketing needs to work overtime due to the large amounts of emails that needs to be replied, in which case the their hourly wage during the overtime is much higher than that of the wage they receive during their normal work hours.

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